• A hidden home...

    GA Hostel is safely tucked away in an alley, nestled between many other local family homes. Just 30 meters out of our door, you will find the busy streets of Hanoi where you will be spoilt with choice of dozens of street food stands, pubs and shops- Vietnamese and Western alike! When you come back from a long day of exploring the pandemonium of the streets outside, you will realize how much of a sanctuary GA really is; chilled, quiet and homely

    A hidden home...

    “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

    ~ St. Augustine ~


    Sabrina 下龙湾3天2夜之旅
    Sabrina 下龙湾3天2夜之旅

    三天两夜下龙湾之旅 我喜欢山 ,我喜欢看山里的那些大石头,奇特的造型常常令我陶醉其中,我喜欢坐在山顶的大树上四下眺望,我可以看到很远的地方,...

    GA activities
    GA activities

    We offer you a cozy place to stay and also invite you to join the atmosphere of a heart-warming...

    Hạ Long - Cát Bà, dấu mốc hè tuổi 22
    Hạ Long - Cát Bà, dấu mốc hè tuổi 22

    *Ngày một: Hà Nội – Hạ Long. Đúng tám giờ sáng ngày 09 tháng Tám, chiếc xe buýt mười sá...

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